The Capitol Group

The Capitol Group of companies started out in 1985 by developing housing in Kent. In the early 1990s, the focus of our business shifted to Central London, where life was injected into redundant office buildings and unusual sites. We were one of the first property developers to recognise the appeal of the City of London’s unique living environment – and its quality investment prospects.

We helped pioneer the creation of residential property in the Square Mile, which has now become a vibrant place to live as well as work. Since then, we’ve developed many apartments in Midtown and the West End of London, and more recently, we’ve started working on projects in outer London.

Our business is registered with the National House-Building Council and Premier Guarantee, the standard setting bodies for new and newly converted homes, and has an official A1 rating. This accreditation demonstrates financial security and technical competence, and provides consumer protection and quality assurance to new homebuyers.